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Le blog de Cyttorak

lettre à Mattel

lettre à Mattel

comme les enfants qui écrivent au Père Noël, j'ai écris à mattel concernant les Maîtres de l'Univers.

J'aimerais savoir si il compte faire un jeu de plateau ou un jeu de figurine avec cette merveilleuse licence.

je vous mets la lettre en anglais :


I am writing to you because I think that i have an idea that might please you.

I am fan of the masters of  universe and I love the dimension that you have given to the universe with the new series, you made on youtube.


When I see the reaction of adults when I show them "He-man", I cannot stop thinking that you can refresh the concept.


Concerning universe, (4) factions and people without official rallying, why not create two games:-a set  board games which could  articulate as Hybrid (rackham) or Heroclix, - a set of figurines (wargames), as Hordes (Privateer Press) or gameswokshop for the creation of figurine and inspire you Confrontation legacy rules;


For both, (you can):


Mind the advantage of the pre-painted as figurines heroclix (Wizard of the coast), plastic fig,-principle of the figurines collectibles with a rare.


The advantage of metal or resin figurine two targets :

 the players are not afraid of painting in order to play,

the plainter who buy for pleasure a painting.


-Create multiple versions of a same figurine with different profiles according to painting rules


-Integrating a tough market but when players are ready to spend their money.


-As far as the material of the figurines, some players might find them most noble.


You can even create a supplement paper to explain how to paint, or how to build these armies with stories, creation of competition. This is possible in the light of the community of players but also for the nostalgic for the masters of the universe.


The interest of a board game is to create a system which takes place in a limited period of time and that to everyone, RISK and is scripted.


The wargame or figurine games , just like allows campaigns, better history if you as please or trace the  history of Eternia scenarios and epic battle.

In the latter case, your universe is rich enough to have the faction of the masters of the universe , of the vassals of Skeletor, the snake men and the Horde. Each faction would have a specific capacity, the characters would be affiliated to a clan or more. There are people who would be without loyalties and could serve as mercenaries. However, in this case,  time would be much longer than for a game of trays.


A last example, you repeat the comics by via DC comics. DC comics has comics, a range of figurines for the heroclix set and its licence was purchased to create metal / resin figurines by  Knigth model.



Here are some ideas, of a fan that would like to be able to put in online a table figurines of 25 mm high, on average, to face the opposing faction.


Your sincerely

brest regards